• Glyphr Studio version 2 keeps rolling – this time with an Alpha-2 release! This time we’re featuring Importing and Exporting files, along with Live Preview.

  • Even though Version 2 is taking up most of the bandwidth, some small updates to Version 1 were just shipped. Dot-14 saw some new analytics functionality. Dot-15 had some bigger bug fixes…

  • The very first usable bits of Glyphr Studio Version 2 are here. We need your help to find bugs and provide any feedback!

  • URL Updates


    To start to get ready for Glyphr Studio v2, we made some changes to how we organize glyphrstudio.com… the main change being to get rid of sub-domains.

  • As it goes with side projects and passion projects, there are many other things in life that are higher priority. Glyphr Studio is incredibly fun to work on and build… but certain other things managed to bump it down on the list of priorities these past two-ish years.

  • Check out bug fixes for v1.13.10 and .11

  • Happy April Fools day, everyone! I have re-started work on Glyphr Studio v2, which is exciting (and no joke 😄). But, I also continue to fix bugs for v1… and I will for a while. Here is a quick summary of the bug fixes from the past few releases.

  • One of the most common feature requests I get is to be able to merge two fonts together. v1.13.06 introduced a small feature that may help with merging fonts – even though it’s not a nice workflow or tool that is custom built to merge fonts.