Year: 2015

  • Version 1.04: Combine Selected Shapes

    Boolean actions are here, and the first one is Combine.  That’s the big update for 1.04, but you may notice something else before that – we slipped in new icons for actions in one of the previous patch updates. Continue reading »

  • Version 1.03: Rotate

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    So, I know we were going on and on about Boolean Combine… I was having a nice discussion with a Glyphr Studio user over at GitHub about Rotation, and I got to a point where I realized I could actually do the rotate feature in less time than it was taking to talk about it.  So here it is! Continue reading »

  • Version 1.02: Multiselect Path Points

    When the Pen tool is selected, just press the Ctrl key, and all the points for all paths will be shown. While holding the Ctrl key, clicking more points will multiselect them.  That’s right – select many points from one path, or many points from across different paths, and edit them together! Continue reading »

  • Version 1.01: Multiselect Shapes

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    The first minor update to Version 1 is here!  Now, if you have the pointer / shape edit tool selected, holding down the ctrl key while clicking shapes will enable you to multiselect those shapes.  After that, you can move, re-size, or take actions on that set of shapes. Continue reading »

  • Version 1!

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    🎉 Hooray! We are very pleased to announce that Glyphr Studio Version 1 has just been released! Continue reading »

  • Roadmap to Version 1

    Even though Glyphr Studio is close to 5 years old, it’s only been in the past year or so that things have really started to pick up.  Learning about all the tools and concepts that go into designing a font, then creating them and shipping them as a web app has been a fantastic learning experience. But we’ve always had one little feature that was a “must have” before we felt comfortable moving Glyphr Studio from Beta to a fully-fledged Version 1.  And that feature is being able to import and export a font. Continue reading »

  • … and a little 5.2

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    Found some annoying bugs in Beta 5.1, so we turned around a quick 5.2 release. Continue reading »