Version 1.04: Combine Selected Shapes

Well – boolean actions are here, and the first one is Combine.  That’s the big update for 1.04, but you may notice something else before that – we slipped in new icons for actions in one of the previous patch updates:


Like before, these actions are contextually shown or hidden, based on a variety of things.  The icon in the lower right is the Combine action, and it shows up if you have two shapes selected. (BTW, you can multi-select shapes by using the pointer tool and Ctrl+Click’ing)

Combine Shapes is going to be kind of a progressive feature.  It works for the most part, but we’re still encountering edge cases where it fails.  That’s where you come in!  Please try out the combine feature, and if you repeatably run into an issue combining two shapes, please email us ( your Glyphr Studio Project File (.txt) and tell us which two shapes you’re combining.  We are also going to continue to thoroughly test the feature, and fix any edge cases we find.

Going forward, once the Combine algorithm is more solid, we’ll be implementing some related features:

  • Combine more than two shapes at once.
  • On the back end, combine shapes and make them semi-transparent for overlapping glyphs in Kern Groups.
  • Provide an option to combine shapes within a glyph on export – to simplify and minimize font data.

All this stuff will be happening over the 1.04.x milestone, so stay tuned!