Category: Version 1

  • v1.13.20


    Version one-dot-thirteen-dot-twenty just shipped, with two bug fixes, including the Import Compound Shapes bug!

  • Yes, we’re still making updates to Version 1. For v1.13.19 we fixed a few bugs, and also added a few minor features.

  • Version 1.13.17


    A small collection of updates and bug fixes were just shipped in v1.13.17

  • Even though Version 2 is taking up most of the bandwidth, some small updates to Version 1 were just shipped. Dot-14 saw some new analytics functionality. Dot-15 had some bigger bug fixes…

  • URL Updates


    To start to get ready for Glyphr Studio v2, we made some changes to how we organize… the main change being to get rid of sub-domains.

  • Check out bug fixes for v1.13.10 and .11

  • Happy April Fools day, everyone! I have re-started work on Glyphr Studio v2, which is exciting (and no joke ๐Ÿ˜„). But, I also continue to fix bugs for v1… and I will for a while. Here is a quick summary of the bug fixes from the past few releases.

  • One of the most common feature requests I get is to be able to merge two fonts together. v1.13.06 introduced a small feature that may help with merging fonts – even though it’s not a nice workflow or tool that is custom built to merge fonts.