Version 1.13.17

A small collection of updates were just shipped to v1 (even though most of our time is being spent on v2). Here are the new features:

  • Added a new “Check for duplicate kern pairs” functionality – for projects with many kern groups, it can be easy to accidentally specify two values for a single kern pair. Run this test to double-check that isn’t the case.
  • Clicking the middle mouse wheel now pans the canvas. Also, pressing the space bar immediately pans the canvas (without having to mouse-click as well).
  • Deleting a path point now automatically selects the next path point. Previously, after deletion everything was de-selected, which makes it hard to rapidly delete many path points in a row.

And we also fixed some bugs:

  • For entering characters in a kern pair, handled the case where a code point above 0xFFFF is entered (Code points above the BMP, like emojis, are not able to be worked with in Glyphr Studio v1).
  • Fixed bugs in the Edit Canvas when there were no Components, Kern pairs, or Ligatures to work on.

One final note, there have been a few reports of memory / crashing issues when many path points are deleted in a row. This is an issue in Chrome and Edge (both Chromium browsers) but it does not seem to affect Firefox. So if you need to delete a ton of path points, try Firefox while we find the root of the problem.