Mega Posts continue: this is the best place to get any and all information about Glyphr Studio v2 Beta-1! If you want to get caught up on the Alphas, be sure to check out the Alpha-1 and Alpha-2 Mega Posts.

In Alpha-1 we did basic navigation and editing, and Alpha-2 saw import/export for project files and fonts. In this time-frame there were also huge sweeping changes to the code base and to the project file structure (hence the Alpha designation).

Beta-1 overview

The Beta time-frame will be dedicated to getting v2 up to feature parity with v1. Even though there are some big features missing, Beta-1 is the first time the GS Project File may be stable enough to save for the future.

For Beta-1, here are the updates:

Big features

  • Components – Use any glyph as a Component Root, or define stand-alone Components. Add these to any other glyph as Component Instances. Edit the Root, all the instances are also updated.
  • Ligatures (Including import/export from OTF) – define a sequence of characters that will be recognized and replaced with a new specially designed character.

Other improvements

  • Fancy brand update with new logos, icons, and the “Oblegg” example font.
  • Lots of updates to make SVG import/export better.
  • Improved tab layouts for content pages – Help, About, and Settings.
  • Getting Started or First Run content for Components and Ligatures.
  • Updated help content.
  • Project summary information on the Overview page.
  • Renamed “Glyphs” to “Characters” (in the UI and in the code).
  • Importing OTF fonts automatically enables named Unicode ranges in your project.
  • Like, a bazillion bug fixes

Feedback we need!

The whole point of doing pre-releases like this is to get early feedback from people like you! So please, try to use the App and let us know about any and all feedback you have. That said, there are two areas where specific feedback would be great:

  • Try out new features, mainly Components and Ligatures.
  • Importing your own designs from SVG. This is one of the most complex areas of the code base, and I’m sure there are still some bugs here. If your SVG file does not import as expected, please send it to us! mail@glyphrstudio.com!

Where to get it?

Glyphr Studio v2 Appglyphrstudio.com/v2/app
Glyphr Studio v2 Helpglyphrstudio.com/v2/help


The next milestones will be shorter relative to the Alpha and Beta-1 time frames. That said, Beta-1 may have bug fixes (which was not true for the Alphas) So we may have some quick Beta-1.1 and Beta-1.2 releases before moving on to Beta-2. Send us those bugs!


  • Kerning
  • Context Glyphs
  • 2nd screen Live Preview
  • Global Actions


  • Open / switch between multiple projects
  • Cross-project actions (like copy/paste glyph, and merge fonts)
  • Switch the default App to v2. Main Site, Blog, and Socials switch to GS2 branding. V1 App, Tutorial, and Help are kept as a sub-directories.

Thank you!!1!

We have already received many ideas and pieces of feedback on the Alphas – it has been fantastic. Glyphr Studio v2 will enable us to continue doing awesome font design stuff in the browser. As a free and open-source product, we rely heavily on feedback and support from amazing people like you. Thank you for any and all the ways you participate!

As always, mail@glyphrstudio.com with any questions or feedback.