V2 Alpha-2 MEGA POST

GS2: Not the final logo!

Welcome back! Glyphr Studio version 2 keeps rolling – this time with an Alpha-2 release! (If you need to get caught up on Alpha-1, you can do so here).

We’re still in “Alpha” because the code base is still undergoing massive changes. In this release, the project file structure was completely reorganized. Creating new features routinely had updates in many files across the code base. So, things are moving along great and the app is pretty stable… but this update should not be relied upon for ‘real’ work.

Having said that, we need your help to test some new stuff! For Alpha-2 the theme was “Importing and Exporting Files”, and here are the main new scenarios you should try.

New scenarios!

  • Save and load a Glyphr Studio Project file (.gs2)
    • If you have a recent Glyphr Studio v1 Project file (v1.13.02or later) you can open that v1 project file in the v2 app. It will get converted into a v2 project file!
  • On the new Settings page, make updates to Project, App, or Font properties.
  • On the new Live Preview page, you can see how your new font looks as sentences or blocks of text.
  • Import a font file – try out OTF, TTF, WOFF, or SVG Font.
  • Export a font file – either OTF or SVG Font.

Help and Docs to the rescue! There is a very detailed Import and Export article – it not only goes over all the different file types you can import and export, but also what features within those file types are supported:


Where to get it?

As a reminder, here are the v2 links:

glyphrstudio.com/v2/appThe new Glyphr Studio v2 app!
glyphrstudio.com/v2/helpHelp content – also very draft while in Alpha


We pretty much stuck to the plan for Alpha-2, but we actually went a little out of our way to implement SVG Import / Export (originally planned for Beta-2). Here is a look ahead (that may very well change 🙂)


  • Components
  • Kerning
  • Context glyphs (on the edit canvas)


  • Global Actions
  • Help content is complete
  • GS2 Final Branding for App and sub-sites

Version 2.0.0

  • Open / switch between multiple projects
  • Cross-project actions (like copy/paste glyph, and merge fonts)
  • Switch the default App to v2. Main Site, Blog, and Socials switch to GS2 branding. V1 App, Tutorial, and Help are kept as a sub-directories.

Thank you in advance!

Glyphr Studio v2 will enable us to continue doing awesome font design stuff in the browser. As a free and open-source product, we rely heavily on feedback and support from amazing people like you. Thank you for any and all the ways you participate!

As always, mail@glyphrstudio.com with any questions or feedback.