Year: 2014

  • We had tons of feedback on Beta 5! For Beta 5.1 we revamped the canvas editing experience with some new custom cursors, and a new “Add Path Point” pen tool.  

  • Beta 5 is ready for action!  Thank you everyone who submitted feedback and comments.  We are well on our way to a full ‘v1’ release, hopefully Beta 5 will rock your socks off until then!

  • It’s been 4 months in the works, but a lot of great new features have been added to our little project. Glyphr Studio is still young, but it’s getting better with your help.

  • Way back in April, 2010, I started a little JavaScript investigation to see if I could use HTML5 Canvas to do vector editing.  I quickly moved to find a use for this… since I was also interested in trying my hand at font design, I decided to start Glyphr, the HTML5 Font Designer we all…

  • We are well on our way developing Beta 4, a major feature of which is Import SVG Outlines. To test this new feature, we need sample SVG to try out.

  • The week of March 3rd was the launch of Glyphr Studio Beta 3, and it turned out to be a little more exciting than anticipated. I spent a ton of time that week answering forum posts, emails, and tweets… the whole time completely flabbergasted by the volume of the response.

  • The latest-and-greatest version of Glyphr Studio has arrived: Beta 3.  Glyphr Studio can be downloaded from the homepage at  Here is a rundown of some of the new features.