Version 1.13.14 & .15

Even though Version 2 is taking up most of the bandwidth, some small updates to Version 1 were just shipped. Dot-14 saw some new analytics functionality. Dot-15 had some bigger bug fixes:

  • Fixed a UI-crashing bug that happened when existing kern group members were deleted. The Kern panel is now more robust with more error-case checks. Most importantly, it doesn’t crash anymore when something goes wrong!
  • There were two small bugs with regards to how project file versions were interpreted, and how they were exported. I’m pretty sure nobody ever was affected by this, but they are fixed now anyway. I discovered these bugs because of some v2 work (see below!).

V2 update: Alpha-2 is underway, and the theme is importing and exporting **all the formats** which is exciting. This includes limited support for importing current v1 projects into v2! Stay tuned for more Alpha-2 news soon 🎉