v1.13.10 and .11

Glyphr Studio v1 will continue to get bug fixes, so if you find something, please let us know! The pandemic has slowed many things down, but we’re still thinking about Glyphr Studio v2…


Version One dot Thirteen dot Ten! Thanks, Semantic Versioning!

Fixed a glyph dimensions calculation bug that was effecting Test Drive (characters shown overlapping) and Export SVG (Errors causing export failure).


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an SVG / Export issue where the Left Side Bearing was incorrectly being either excluded, or included multiple times for linked component instances.
  • Stopped an error from happening when a project only contains Ligatures.

Bug Discoveries

  • Some OTF files when imported do not have Advance Width information present – this is a bug with opentype.js returning NaN for advance width properties of glyphs. Glyphr Studio defaults to “Auto calculate glyph width” in these cases, so you may not notice it. The one place it will be very apparent is for the Space character, they appear as having zero width when this happens.