We’re back, after a brief intermission for *unprecedented times*

As it goes with side projects and passion projects, there are many other things in life that are higher priority. Glyphr Studio is incredibly fun to work on and build… but certain other things managed to bump it down on the list of priorities these past two-ish years. I know you all understand, and thank you for your input and support throughout our entire 10+ years of existing!

The exciting bit of news is that v2 is officially back underway. And, along with it, more bug fixes for v1. Like I’ve said in the past, v2 is great, but v1 will continue to exist and be supported for many years to come.

So, I leave you with some bug fixing details on v1.13.12, and the promise of a better shinier Glyphr Studio v2.

Bug Fixes

  • Importing some OTF files resulted in Advance Width being NaN. Was an OpenType.js bug. Updated to the latest OpenType.js build where the issue was fixed.