Bug fixes v1.13.7-8-9

Happy April Fools day, everyone! I have re-started work on Glyphr Studio v2, which is exciting (and no joke 😄). But, I also continue to fix bugs for v1… and I will for a while. Here is a quick summary of the bug fixes from the past few releases:


  • Fixed a bug where projects with Ligatures experienced an “Off by 1” or “Off by 2” error, where character sequences were being replaced with the wrong Ligature.
  • Disallowed the creation and exporting of Ligatures with source sequences of one character.


  • Now support positive integers being separated / designated by ‘+’ signs in path data.
  • Ignore namespaced attributes with ‘:’ in the name to allow for importing SVG code snippets that would otherwise throw ‘prefix not bound to a namespace’ errors.


  • Generating SVG for a glyph that contained Component Instances, fixed a bug where the position of the Component Instance would (sometimes) not include the correct Left Side Bearing.
  • Fixed a handful of related bugs around deleting Components, Component Instances, and Ligatures… and making sure all the linked and related glyphs knew about these changes and were, in turn, updated appropriately.
  • Fixed an error in the Modegg example project.