V1 to V2 transition plan

December 1st, 2023, Glyphr Studio version 2 was released. It’s a significant improvement over version 1 (you can read about all the details in the v2 release blog post)… but since the Glyphr Studio project has been going on for more than 12 years now, we aren’t just going to pull the plug on v1 right away. This post will outline the transition plan as the whole Glyphr Studio effort switches over to version 2.

January 15th, 2024

This is the date we will make the big switch. In between releasing v2 in December, and mid January, the Glyphr Studio site, app, and social media outlets will give as many people a heads-up as possible about the switch.

What about my stuff?

V1 project files can be opened in the v2 app! All your project file data will be converted to the v2 file format, but nothing will be lost. Glyphr Studio v1 is actually backwards-compatible with any project file, going back to the very beginning (circa 2010!). Every time you open a v1 project file, Glyphr Studio checks the version and makes the appropriate updates to the file structure. This will also happen when you open a current v1 project in v2, except it won’t just be little changes that happen… the new v2 app will grab metadata from v1 and put it in the right place, as well as convert v1 glyph and kern data into the new v2 format.

What else is changing, besides the app?

Here is a line-by-line accounting of what will change on January 15th:

  • V2 content will become the default for the main site, the app itself, and other top-level areas like help and tutorial:
  • V1 content will move to a /v1/ sub-directory
  • V2 branding will replace V1 branding
    • The old cyan blue and squashed-g logo will be retired, and the new dark theme and updated-g logo will be used everywhere.
    • The brand update will affect: Social media channels (Mastodon, Reddit, Twitter), GitHub, and the blog.

That’s it!

V2 already offers some major improvements over v1… and it is also a much better platform for continuing to add new features. If you have any questions or feedback, just give us an email: mail@glyphrstuido.com.