v2.0.1 and 2.0.2

In the short period between when v2 was first released, and January 15th when it will become the default experience, we’ve fixed a few bugs! These are largely from people emailing us and contacting us on socials, outlining issues and sharing ideas with us. To all of you, thank you! You are playing a huge role in making Glyphr Studio better!

Here is a quick rundown of what v2 patches we’ve shipped so far:


Bug fixes

  • Importing kern groups from projects.
  • Better navigation button titles for kern groups, components, and ligatures with really long names.
  • Undo for kern group edits.
  • Export SVG now uses properly escaped values for characters that are also XML reserved characters.


New features

  • New App Setting to specify the number of items in the Item Chooser, applies to Ligatures, Components, and Kern Groups. If you have a project with a large number of these, you the Item Chooser will now page through smaller sets of items to help performance.

Bug fixes

  • Loading and Saving files now works in Fire Fox.
  • Creating a new project with a custom name now actually applies the name to the Project Name and Font Family properties.
  • Crashes, errors, and displaying wrong information while navigating between pages and showing cards in the Panel.
  • “Too large to auto-save” check now disables the auto save project setting.
  • Additional checks / resiliency for component links.
  • Global Actions are now more resilient to individual item failures.
  • Export Advance Widths of zero to be a very small number as to not cause OTF file failures.