Version 2 is now the default!

As planned, yesterday we switched over all the v2 experiences to be the default (the main site, the app, and the help site). The v2 directory is now empty, and we created a v1 directory that has all the v1 specific stuff.

All our effort for new feature work and bug fixing will be entirely focused on v2. I do think keeping v1 functional will be a lower priority goal – so if for some reason a major blocking bug is found in v1, we’ll fix it. But, 99.99% of the work will just focus on v2.

In preparation for the switch-over, two releases were published: one focused on bugs and the other focused on the URL / page structures.

Version 2.0.3

For this release we were just getting in some bug fixes before the v1/v2 switch happened:

  • Importing ligatures is now more resilient to individual errors.
  • Fixed some import / export bugs for SVG Fonts around the .notdef character and advanced Unicode ranges.
  • Some fit-and-finish style updates, including the new favicon
  • Bug fix for the input-number control not displaying it’s current value correctly.

Version 2.1.0

We decided to give this a minor-version semantic bump, since the app build process is URL dependent… along with all the page URLs that needed to be switched around. Besides these changes, there were no bug fixes or feature improvements for this release.

Send us feedback!

There was a lot of moving parts and a lot of places where the code got updated, so there may be some unexpected bugs pop up. We have already been receiving many emails and social messages about appreciation for v2, and some feedback about functionality. This is great! Please let us know if you have any comments!