Version 2.1.1

Since v2 became the default experience, we’ve been getting lots of feedback and bug reports. This is great! In v2.1.1 we fixed some issues that the community brought to our attention:

Bug fixes

  • Now only characters that are part of visible character ranges will be exported to fonts. Previously, all characters were exported, even if you had hidden certain character ranges from the Settings > Project page. Note Adding and removing character ranges from the Settings > Project page does not delete characters from your project. It only controls what is visible in the UI Character Picker, and what gets exported to fonts.
  • ‘Lock aspect ratio’ now works for multi-selected shapes.
  • Fixed a few bugs / increased resiliency for importing ligatures from fonts.
  • Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + v to paste SVG code directly onto the edit canvas, this is now working better, but not perfect (seems to work as expected in Firefox). Note Using the operating system clipboard is only possible if the Glyphr Studio clipboard is empty. There is a new “Clear Glyphr Studio Clipboard” action that does this, or you can just do Ctrl + c copy on nothing, to clear the clipboard.

Random musings

The copy/paste feature was quite a challenge. Glyphr Studio has an internal clipboard that we use to directly copy shapes or groups of shapes between characters. But, if you also have some SVG on your Operating System clipboard, then you should be able to paste that onto the edit canvas to import those shapes.

Firefox only seems to respond to paste events, where chromium browsers (Chrome and Edge) only seem to respond to Ctrl + v keyboard events. Getting these two to work together, along with getting them to work with the Glyphr Studio clipboard, was quite a challenge. The solution that was shipped in this update is not perfect. But, it is a bit better than where we were before (which was zero support).

For now, if you are importing a lot of SVG by copy/pasting it, I would recommend using Firefox. I also just recommend using Firefox for, you know, everything… but you do you.