• V2 is finally here 🎉 Read all about the big new features that put us across the finish line.

  • The goal of the v2 Beta time frame was to get feature parity with v1. Beta 2.0 had most of this, but we shipped it with a few features short of this goal in order to get more feedback faster. But today Beta 2.1 dropped – here’s what was added…

  • V2 Beta 2.0 is here, with Kerning, Global Actions, Context Characters, Combine Shapes, and a rockin’ new Live Preview experience.

  • v1.13.20


    Version one-dot-thirteen-dot-twenty just shipped, with two bug fixes, including the Import Compound Shapes bug!

  • Yes, we’re still making updates to Version 1. For v1.13.19 we fixed a few bugs, and also added a few minor features.

  • In GSv1 the SVG import process is a source of many bugs. As we dove into this, we realized we needed a dedicated SVG to Bézier library that was stand-alone and easier to test.

  • This is the place to get any and all information about Glyphr Studio v2 Beta-1! Learn about Ligatures, Components, and more!

  • Version 1.13.17


    A small collection of updates and bug fixes were just shipped in v1.13.17