V2 Beta 2.1: The Last Beta

The goal of the v2 Beta time frame was to get feature parity with v1 (besides the stuff we’re intentionally changing or leaving out). Beta 2.0 had most of this, but we shipped it with a few features short of this goal in order to get more feedback faster.

But today Beta 2.1 dropped – here’s what was added:

New Features

  • Rotate shapes with the rotation handle affordance on the edit canvas.
  • Rotate Component Instances via the rotate property.
  • Add Path Point tool lets you hover over an existing path and add a new point anywhere along the path you want.
  • New Global Actions: Set all Side Bearings, and Round All.

Other small things

  • More extensive testing and bug fixing for Combine Shapes algorithm.
  • Better display/communication between the edit canvas and the cards in the Attributes Panel.
  • Unit tests now have 100% coverage for Glyph Element classes, and common functions.
  • Help / Documentation updated.
  • Updated Oblegg, the example font.

The road ahead

This is an exciting release because all the feature work moving forward will be for features that do not exist in v1. Like, one of the main reasons the v2 effort was started. At a high level, this will be the ability to open two projects within Glyphr Studio at the same time. Then, being able to do cross-project actions, like copy/paste glyphs from one project to another, or bulk merge glyphs from one project to another. Exciting!

Thank you!

We continue to get lots of great feedback and bug reports – all your input goes directly into making Glyphr Studio v2 better! 🙌

Let us know if you have any feedback: mail@glyphrstudio.com