Version 1.11 – Ligatures (finally!)

This is a very exciting release.  One of the very first issues filed on GitHub was to enable Ligatures.  Basically forever, we’ve had to rely on a workaround: Export to SVG then convert to OTF for Ligatures and Kerning.  Starting now, Ligatures will be exported directly to OTF!  Hopefully we’ll be able to work out saving Kern information at some point 🙂

New Features

  • Ligatures export directly to OTF files!
  • Ligatures that also have a single Unicode code point will be exported accordingly.
  • A few small Ligature improvements around adding common ligatures, and displaying thumbnails.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug around handling glyphs that use multiple Component Instances with the same Root Component.
  • Correctly handle / draw side bearings equal to zero.
  • Allow / disallow correct characters when exporting metadata to SVG Fonts.
  • Fixed an export bug involving locked points and glyphs with left side bearings.