Version One-Point-Ten (v1.10) – Global Actions

New Features

  • Global Actions – a set of actions that can be applied to many or all glyphs at once. We have 3 to begin with, let us know if you have ideas for any others, they are easy to add!
  • Auto Zoom – a much improved algorithm for fitting the current Context Glyphs to your screen
  • Shift + Nudge – holding down the shift key while using the arrow keys to nudge shapes and points will now move 10 Em Units instead of one
  • New Project – menu item and keyboard shortcut to launch a new Glyphr Studio project

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed importing winding information for paths
  • Limit length of Font Family Name string, which causes OTF errors
  • Cleaned up some typos and global variables
  • Better “total failure” page error message