Bug Fixes with .02, .03, .04

Okay, so I know there are a few new ‘features’ sprinkled around in here… and I know the last blog post was all about how Version 1 was ‘done’. Ha!

For the most part I am focusing on fixing bugs, and V1 will be supported for a long time to come. The big thing that I’ve realized since v1.13 is that there were a few small features that are still missing that help with the final touch-up stages of developing a typeface. In v1.13.01 a small feature surfaced to help with rounding handle and path point x/y values – whole numbers tend to work better with OTF font files. I think I’ll be adding a few more little features like this that help with finalizing glyphs within a typeface. Stay tuned!

I’ll leave you with the updates I forgot to post from the past three releases:


New Features

  • Progressive Web App support – added app manifest information so that you can “install” Glyphr Studio on your desktop machine.

Bug Fixes

  • Better glyph names exported to SVG Fonts.


Bug Fixes

  • For ‘Highlight path points that contain non-integer values’ project setting, handles with decimal values are also drawn in red, as opposed to just the base point.
  • OTF Character names are now exported as ASCII and conform to name standards.
  • Fixed a bug involving exporting Ligatures along side default Ligatures that have Unicode code points.
  • Viewing glyphs that have no shapes as Context Glyphs now works.
  • Fixed importing arc segments from SVG paths.
  • The “Auto Fit” view algorithm now works better for edge cases.


New Features

  • Shift + Rotate now snaps to one degree increments.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the sluggishness / disconnect between the rotate handle and the actual glyph. The rotation tool is now locked to cached glyph attributes, as opposed to relying on quick deltas of mouse movement.
  • Fixed a bug where flat points with only one visible handle were rotating improperly.
  • Fixed the disappearing panels bug.
  • Rotated component instances now save with the appropriate positive / negative angle attribute. Old projects with rotated component instances will be upgraded, and will work as expected.