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Shapes Panel

(Glyph Edit, Components, and Ligatures Pages)

The Shapes Panel shows all the shapes in a glyph. When clicking on an area with overlapping shapes on the Edit Canvas, the upper-most shape in the stack will be selected. For glyphs with many shapes, sometimes it is easier to select a shape from the Shapes Panel than it is from the Edit Canvas.

Shapes can be multi-selected by holding down the control key, and either clicking on a shape on the Edit Canvas, or by clicking on a shape in the Shapes Panel.

The currently selected shape(s) will have a blue accent color. If the shape happens to be a Component Instance, then it will have a green selection color. Component Instances will have an additional note on that Shape's row indicating to which Root Component it is linked.

A few shape and layer actions are also available from the Shapes Panel. For the most part, where a shape is in the stack will not affect the overall glyph. But, if you want, you can move shapes up and down the layer stack via layer actions.