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Guides Panel

(Glyph Edit, Components, Ligatures, and Kerning Pages)

The Guides Panel shows many options for viewing and specifying grids and guides. In general, each guide line is displayed with the following properties (from left to right):

  • Guide Color - for custom guides click the colored box to choose a new color for this guide. System guides do not have editable colors.
  • View Checkbox - check or uncheck the checkbox to view / hide that particular guide.
  • Guide Type - guides are either horizontal or vertical. For custom guides, click to toggle between vertical and horizontal. System guides cannot toggle type.
  • Guide Name - a name for this guide that is displayed as a label on the edit canvas. System Guides do not have editable names.
  • Guide Location - A number, in Em units, that shows where the guide is located on the edit canvas. System Guides do not have editable locations.
  • Delete Guide - a small 'x' button on the very right of custom guides allows you to delete that guide. System guides cannot be deleted.


These toggles show and hide some global aspects of the grid and guides.

System Guides

These guides reflect key metrics of the font. Their values cannot be edited from the Guides Panel - to edit their values, go to the Font Settings page.

Custom Guides

These guides are defined by you, and can be in any location you specify.