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Glyph - Attributes Panel

(Glyph Edit, Components, and Ligatures Pages)

When no shape is selected, the Attributes Panel shows attributes for the currently selected Glyph.

Bulk-transform glyph shapes

If there are more than one shape in the glyph, bulk transform controls are shown that will change all the shapes in the glyph.

  • X/Y - the farthest-left (x) and topmost (y) Position of the glyph
  • Width / Height - the overall width and height of the glyph
  • Lock Aspect Ratio - this will force width and height changes to happen proportionally
  • Flip Vertical / Flip Horizontal - flip the entire glyph

Width Metrics

These metrics are used for exporting a font file

  • Glyph Width - by default, Glyphr Studio automatically calculates the width of a glyph. By unchecking the 'automatically calculate' checkbox, you can manually set the glyph width.
  • Left and Right Side Bearing - This is a small amount of space that is automatically added before and after all glyphs. There is a global default that is applied to all glyphs, but if you want to specify a custom side bearing for a certain glyph, uncheck the 'use default' checkbox here.