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Component Instance - Attributes Panel

(Glyph Edit, Components, and Ligatures Pages)

Component Instance

  • Instance Name - Any name you want to give this Component Instance. Can be different than the Root Component name.
  • ΔX / ΔY - These coordinates are used to move the Component Instance to a new location. These are delta values, meaning they are relative to the position of the Root Component.
  • ΔWidth / ΔHeight - These dimensions are used to re-size the Component Instance. These are delta values, meaning they are relative to the size of the Root Component.
  • Lock Aspect Ratio - Selecting this checkbox will cause the Component Instance to be re-sized proportionally.
  • Flip Horizontal / Flip Vertical - The Component Instance will be flipped relative to the Root Component.
  • Reverse Winding - All shapes in the Component Instance will have their windings reversed. The clockwise or counterclockwise direction of Path Points along a Path determine if that shape will additively or subtractively overlap with other shapes in the glyph.

Root Component

The Root Component is shown in the Attributes Panel for every Component Instance. Clicking on the Root Component thumbnail or name will navigate to that glyph so you can edit it.