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Kerning Page

Kerning allows you to adjust the distance between two specific glyphs, or two sets of glyphs. Many glyphs look odd if they appear together using default spacing - for example, A and V. The space between these two glyphs is usually reduced with kerning so they 'fit' better together.

The left or right side of the kern pair can also be a group of letters. For instance, you may decide to kern the letter A on the left with V, W, and Y on the right. This effectively creates three individual kern pairs: AV, AW, and AY... but you only have to adjust one value per group.

The Kerning Pairs attributes panel shows a list of all the existing kern pairs. The blue rectangle on the left of each line shows which one is currently selected. Specific kern values can be entered in the input on the right of each line, or by clicking and dragging on the edit canvas itself. There is a 'x' button on the far right of each line to delete that kern pair.