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Unicode is a format used by fonts that assigns an ID number to every glyph. For the most part, fonts deal with what is called the Basic Multilingual Plane, the part of Unicode that represents characters used for writing. Here is a good overview of how glyphs map to Unicode values.

Glyphr Studio uses this format for importing fonts, and for identifying glyphs, kern pairs, and ligatures. Glyphr Studio accepts three flavors of this ID number:

  • Decimal Numbers - for example, the number 78 corresponds to capital N.
  • Hexadecimal Numbers - a base-16 number with a 0x prefix. For example, 0x4E corresponds to capital N.
  • Unicode Numbers - a base-16 number with a U+ prefix. For example, U+4E corresponds to capital N.

When you input any of these numbers, Glyphr Studio will validate the number, and convert it to a four digit hex format (like 0x004E).

Note: Glyphr Studio is limited to the Basic Multilingual Plane, Unicode U+0000 through U+FFFF. Unicode range notation is not supported.