Help & Documentation

Starting a New Project

The first page you get when you open Glyphr Studio is the Open Projects page. On the right hand side of the page there are three tabs that help you start or load a project. You can drag and drop an existing file on the Open Projects page at any time to load it.

  • Start a new Glyphr Project - this will create a blank project with default settings. You can input a name here if you want, but you can change it at any time from the Font Settings Page.
  • Drag and drop to load a file - this allows you to load a pre-existing file. You can either drag and drop your file anywhere to load it, or select 'Browse for a File' to use a file chooser dialog.
    Glyphr Studio can read a few different file types: Fonts (.otf or .ttf), Glyphr Studio Project Files (.txt) or SVG Fonts (.svg). Please read the File Formats article for more details on these file types.
    Please note, a SVG Font is a specific format of a SVG File. SVG Fonts have a certain structure that Glyphr Studio can import. Generic SVG Files cannot be loaded from the Open Projects page! If you have SVG outlines you want to use, create a new project and import your individual SVG outlines via the Import SVG Page.
  • Load an Example Project - There are two example Glyphr Studio Projects that you can play with. Merriweather Sans is a nice libre font that was imported from an Open Type file. Modegg is a font created with Glyphr Studio to show off some Glyphr Studio Project features. It heavily utilizes features like Components and Class-based Kerning.