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A common question we get is 'Who owns the fonts I create with Glyphr Studio?' The short answer is, you do!

As with all creative works, the creator of those works has full rights to what they create. That means you decide what type of license is applied to your work.

Glyphr Studio has no rights to the fonts you create. A company or person may create a tool, and unless there is some specific legal document signed by you stating otherwise, the tool maker has no rights to what you created with that tool.

What license should I choose?

Really, that's up to you to research and decide. We aren't lawyers, after all :-)

But, if you would like to license your font as Open Source, the most common license for Open Source Fonts is the SIL Open Font License (OFL). You can read about exactly what that means at the link above.

How do I license my font?

Putting license information in your OTF font is easy. On the Font Settings page, scroll down to the OTF section. There are two fields, 'license' and 'licenseURL'. If, for example, you want to use an OFL license, you would put:

OFL 1.1

It's also common, if you are distributing your font files, to place them in a .zip along with one or two text files that describe the licensing. OFL provides these text files, as would any other license type.