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File Formats

Glyphr Studio can import and export different file formats.

File FormatImportExport
Glyphr Studio
All font features All font features
Open Type Glyph Outlines - yes
Ligatures - no
Components - no
Kern Pairs - no
Glyph Outlines - yes
Ligatures - yes
Components - no
Kern Pairs - no
True Type Glyph Outlines - yes
Components - no
Ligatures - no
Kern Pairs - no
Cannot export .ttf
Imported .ttf files will be
exported as .otf
Generic SVG Glyph outlines can be imported to
a new project via the Import SVG page.

Whole generic .svg files cannot be imported.
Cannot export generic .svg
SVG Font Glyph Outlines - yes
Kern Pairs - yes
Ligatures - yes
Glyph Outlines - yes
Kern Pairs - yes
Ligatures - yes

Glyphr Studio Project File

This is a text file (.txt) that saves all your Glyphr Studio project settings and font data together in one spot. Glyphr Studio Project Files have lots of extra features that help you design a font, but these features don't necessarily exist in other font file formats. It's always good to keep your Glyphr Studio Project File along side your exported font file, so that you can continue to use these features:

  • Components - these will be un-linked, and turned into normal shape outlines in any exported font.
  • Grid and Guideline Settings - these will not be saved with exported fonts.
  • Kern Groups (Class Based Kerning) - kern groups will be split up into many single letter pairs.
  • Locked Values - exported font files don't have a concept of locking position or dimensions of shapes and points.
  • Other Glyphr Studio Settings - nothing from the Project Settings page will be saved with exported font files.

Open Type and True Type Fonts


Shape outlines from these fonts will be imported. Kern values, components, and ligatures cannot be imported.


Shape outlines and ligatures are the only thing that can be exported to Open Type (.otf) font files. Kern values and components cannot be exported at this time, but that will probably change in the future.

Even though you can import True Type (.ttf) and Open Type (.otf) font files, it is only possible to export Open Type fonts. Don't worry, Open Type font files are more modern, and you shouldn't notice any differences.

SVG Outlines and SVG Fonts

There are two main ways Glyphr Studio uses SVG. You can import individual shape outlines to glyphs from the Import SVG Page, or you can load a whole SVG Font to start a project.

SVG Outlines

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a file format that has many different features for graphic design... many more than are needed for font design. To make things easy, Glyphr Studio can import some of these SVG shapes, but Glyphr Studio does not have full SVG editing capability (like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape).

You can read more details about this over at the Import SVG Page article.

SVG Fonts

SVG Fonts have a .svg file suffix, but not all SVG files are SVG Fonts. Glyphr Studio can import and export SVG Fonts, and it can import individual SVG outlines, but it can't import whole SVG files from the open projects page.

SVG Fonts have special <font> and <glyph> information that most SVG files do not. Glyphr Studio checks for this if you accidentally try to open a SVG file as opposed to a SVG Font file. If you have a SVG file that isn't in the SVG Font file format, you'll have to create a new project from scratch, and import individual SVG outlines to specific glyphs via the Import SVG Page.