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Shape Editing

Shape editing concepts can be found on the Glyph Edit, Ligatures, and Components pages. Editing a shape can happen on the Edit Canvas using canvas tools, from the keyboard using keyboard shortcuts, or by using controls in a Panel.


The Chooser Panel displays all the glyphs you can edit on that page. Selecting a glyph allows you to edit it on the Edit Canvas. You can add or remove glyphs from your font via the Font Settings Page.

The Shapes Panel shows all the shapes in the selected glyph. You can select a shape by clicking on it on the Edit Canvas, or by clicking on it's row on the Shapes Panel.

The Attributes Panel includes many sub-panels, depending on what is selected. It can contain the Glyph Attributes Panel, the Shape Attributes Panel, the Path Point Attributes Panel, and/or the Component Instance Attributes Panel. The Attributes Panel also shows the Actions Panel, which displays actions that can be taken on the currently selected shape or point.

The Edit History Panel shows a list of edits that have been applied to your project. You can think of this as a record of what will be rolled back if you do an 'undo' or ctrl+z action.

The Guides Panel shows all the view options and attributes for guidelines and the grid on the Edit Canvas.