The free & open source web-based font editor, made for hobbyists and typeface design beginners.

Why Glyphr Studio?

Professional font editing software is either expensive, complex... or both. Glyphr Studio is designed with hobbyists in mind with a low barrier of entry.

If you are just starting out in typeface design, Glyphr Studio is a great option!

Easily import SVG, OTF, TTF, and WOFF Familiar vector editing tools Combine glyphs from different fonts Export font files from your browser

Glyphr Studio is also open source and free. It runs 100% in your browser - there is no app to download and no service to sign up for.

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Tools and controls to help you design whatever types of letters you want. Glyphr Studio UI Screenshot

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Glyphr Studio is free, and will always be free. But we need your help! A monetary contribution, even a small one, will go a long way to keep the Glyphr Studio effort going strong.

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